A friendly lion


stylish foxes

Brilliant Aspen

8″ x 12″ $150

October at Schwabachers’ Landing

12″ x 12″ $500

Freedom of Flight

20″ x 20″ Sold on Commission

Egyptian Memory

12″ x 16″ Sold on Commission

String Lake Fish

20″ x 20″ $950

A Grand Sight

24″ x 30″ $1800

Bar Cross Ranch, Cora WY 12″ x 12″ SOLD

Peeping Peaks

18″ x 24″ SOLD

Grand Staircase-Escalante SuperMoon

12″ x 12″ $400

Bison in a Blizzard

30″ x 30″ $3000

Mountain Lilies

30″ x 30″ $2500

Black Angus

20″ x 20″ $1500

Teton Range

10″ x 20″  $1100

Teton Food Tour 2017

Subzero Solitude

20″ x 20″   $990


adults love being painted too!

pit viper

Magical Stars




6″ x 12″ | $185

Western Roadside Attractions

20″ x 20″ SOLD  

Looking Back


Winter Solstice


Distant Gros Ventre View

12″ x 16″ $480

Summer Storms Out West

Wyoming Badlands Sunset

Around the Bend

18″ x 18″ $4000

Desert Watering Hole

Long Shadows over Flat Creek

Green River Cabins

Somewhere In Wyoming

Last of the Fall Leaves

12″ x 12″ $500

Brahma Crossing

10″ x 20″ $500

Wyoming Foothills


Rendezvous Tour

Sleeping Indian

Winter Bliss

Grasslands of Idaho

Feeding Frenzy

Nadia at Targhee

Yellowstone Sunrise on the Firehole

Two Trout

Camp Life

Hoar Frost

Granite Creek

Crane Conversations

Frosty Shadows

String Lake

Teton Dreams


Birds on the Beach

India Ink

Birds on Feeder

Delicate Migration

Central Wyoming

Caribbean Laundry


Jackson Lake Sunset

Desert Freight Train


Live to Ski

Winter Train Passing

Raven Conversation

The Ladies

Overlooking Rock Springs Bowl

Dakota Badlands

20″ x 24″ sold

Granite Creek

Wind River Angus

Her Hands

Two Koi

Dream of Flying

John’s Backdive


Harvest Moon

End of Season

Fresh Snow Aglow

Great Dunes After Midnight

Cascade Canyon


Close to Home


Cold Winter Day

Teton Sunrise




Field of Glory

And Three Fish

Local Icon

Wildflower Montage

Island Fruit Stand

Desert Footprints

A Child’s Hands

Cows of Dubois

Passing Lane

Fertile Farmland

November Rain